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Our Tree Removal service has no limitations. We have the experience and equipment for any situation, be it a confined area removal or large scale felling and storm damaged trees and limbs. Using our qualified arborists, you’ll have your trees safely removed with the highest level of expertise in Hobart.

Care Taken Of Your Existing Garden

We have over 35 years’ experience and a wide variety of solutions for tree removal. With our skilful tree climbers led by Julian, we use the latest equipment and methods so no situation is too difficult, whether it be large or small, dead or dying.

Our team of tree professionals in Hobart are experts in delivering excellent and safe tree removal services to Residential, Commercial, Local Government and Schools within Hobart and surrounding suburbs. Trees ‘R’ Us are fully equipped to undertake block/land cleaning and new subdivisions.

We can work within your budget whether you require a cut and left, everything removed leaving clean and tidy, or you may require the canopy mulched and left on site to use in your garden as leaf mulch.


Trees ‘R’ Us carry out all pruning to Australian Standards using correct procedures to protect your trees and encourage healthy growth .We have a full range of equipment and machinery to offer a range of quality tree pruning services. As fully Qualified and Certified Arborists, we offer:

  • Crown raising
  • Crown reduction
  • Crown lifting
  • Professional Pruning
  • Deadwooding

We can advise you on your local council requirements. Trust us to care for your trees.


If you are left with a tree stump ready to be removed, we can help! Removing trees often will leave a tree stump that can attract pests and fungi, and thus leave damage to your property and a tripping hazard.

Trees ‘R’ Us can grind your stump into sawdust within minutes or completely remove the whole root ball, making it safe for the environment.

We use the most effective and safest method to remove tree stumps, with qualified personnel, so we get the job completed safely and professionally.


As qualified arborists with over 35 years’ experience, we offer a service that includes:

  • Inspections
  • Assessments
  • Powerline clearing that adheres to Tas Networks requirements
  • Solar Panel, clearing trees for more light and therefore more efficient use of your energy


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We are qualified, OHS compliant and fully insured professional arborists situated in Hobart that offer a number of tree cutting services state wide including: tree and stump removal, stump grinding, wood chipping and quality tree pruning. We are passionate about trees and committed to finding new ways of keeping trees safe, healthy and beautiful.

At Trees ‘R’ Us we know that trees are important assets that require professional care, service and maintenance. We are proud to announce that we utilise modern spike-less tree ascending techniques that won’t damage the trees on your property.